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Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency in your commercial kitchen with our high-quality pre-rinse and pot filler faucets.
Commercial pre-rinse faucets and pot fillers are essential kitchen fixtures for any restaurant or commercial kitchen in the US. A pre-rinse faucet is a high-pressure spray nozzle designed to remove stubborn food residue from dishes, cookware, and utensils, making them easier to clean. These faucets are durable, ergonomic, and can withstand frequent use.
Pot fillers, on the other hand, are faucets that are specifically designed for filling pots with water. They are mounted on the wall or countertop near the stove and have a long, retractable arm that allows users to fill large pots with ease. They come in various styles and finishes and are ideal for busy kitchens that need to save time and water.
Both commercial pre-rinse faucets and pot fillers are essential for any commercial kitchen looking to improve its efficiency and functionality. With their sturdy construction, high-quality materials, and user-friendly design, these fixtures are a must-have for any busy kitchen.

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Bestware's commercial kitchen faucets, designed to meet the rigorous demands of chefs and foodservice professionals.

Pre-Rinse Faucet
Wall Mount Faucet With Sprayer

Types of Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Pot Filler Faucet
Wall Mount Pot Filler
Deck Mount Pot Filler
  • Pre-rinse faucets are designed with powerful spray and high pressure to make it easier to remove tough food residues from dishes, cookware, and utensils. These fixtures come in various styles and finishes, and are built to last with durable materials that can withstand frequent use and cleaning.

    Pre-rinse faucets are commonly used in commercial kitchens, especially in restaurants and food service establishments, where efficient and quick cleaning is essential. With their user-friendly design and reliable performance, pre-rinse faucets can help to improve the overall functionality and hygiene of a kitchen.

  • Wall mount faucets with sprayers are versatile and practical fixtures that offer flexibility in commercial kitchens. These faucets are designed to be mounted on the wall and come with a detachable sprayer that can be used for a range of kitchen tasks. They are available in a variety of styles and finishes to fit any kitchen design, and are built with durable materials to withstand frequent use.

    Wall mount faucets with sprayers are commonly used in busy commercial kitchens, such as restaurants and hotels, where flexibility and efficiency are important. They can be used for washing dishes, filling pots, and cleaning surfaces, and their detachable sprayers can be easily moved to reach difficult areas. With their ergonomic design and reliable performance, wall mount faucets with sprayers are a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen.

  • Pot filler faucets are innovative fixtures that are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens. These faucets are designed to be mounted on the wall above the stove, and feature a long spout that can be swung out to fill pots and pans directly on the stove,or installation on the deck near the pot. They are available in various finishes and styles, and are made with durable materials to withstand frequent use.

    Pot filler faucets are ideal for home kitchens, as well as commercial kitchens, where they can help to save time and reduce strain on the back and arms. They are also great for large families or for those who frequently cook for groups. With their convenient design and practical function, pot filler faucets are a stylish and useful addition to any kitchen.

  • A wall mount pot filler is a must-have for any serious cook who values both style and practicality in their kitchen. This fixture is designed to be mounted on the wall above the stove and comes with a long, swing-out spout that makes it easy to fill pots and pans with water directly on the stove.

    Wall mount pot fillers are available in a range of finishes and styles, from modern to traditional, and are made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. They are particularly useful in commercial kitchens and home kitchens alike, where they can help to reduce the risk of spills and strains while making it easy to fill large pots of water.

  • The deck mount pot filler is installed directly on the countertop, close to the stove, and comes with a long spout that can be swung out to fill pots and pans with water.

Quality Assurance

Our commercial pre rinse faucet and pot filler products meet the following regulations and certifications:

NSF/ANSI: Our products comply with NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372 standards, ensuring that they do not release harmful substances and have low lead content, making them safe for use with drinking water systems.

ADA: Our products meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, ensuring that they are accessible to people with disabilities.

UPC: Our products comply with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) standards, ensuring that they are installed according to industry standards.

ASME: Our products meet the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards, ensuring that they meet safety and performance requirements.

CSA: Our products meet the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards, ensuring that they comply with Canadian safety standards.

With our commitment to excellence, you can trust that our products will meet your needs while providing peace of mind knowing that they meet the highest safety and quality standards.
NSF/ANSI 61, 372
The choice of raw materials for faucets is crucial, and at Bestware, we opt for 304 or 316 stainless steel to manufacture our entire faucet lineup to ensure durability and hygiene. These materials not only withstand daily use but are also easy to clean and maintain, providing long-lasting, reliable performance. Moreover, stainless steel materials align with sustainability requirements, as they have longer lifespans and recyclability, reducing environmental impact and making them an ideal choice.
Bestware's pre-rinse faucets feature flexible stainless steel hoses, greatly enhancing the product's durability and reliability. The flexible hose allows for easy bending and stretching during use, enabling the faucet to cover a wider area and making cleaning tasks more convenient and efficient for users. Additionally, we conduct rigorous airtightness tests on all components and flexible hoses to ensure product quality and reliability.
Bestware's stainless steel high-pressure spray nozzle has received international certifications and patents. Its unique stainless steel manufacturing process ensures resistance to damage during long-term use, while also providing a more powerful rinsing effect. We equip this high-pressure spray nozzle with a hydraulic handle for more comfortable and effortless operation. There are two versions available: a dual-function high-pressure spray nozzle that offers V-shaped water output and mist output, with the V-shaped output providing powerful, concentrated rinsing and the mist output offering wider area rinsing for dishes; these functions can be switched at any time during use. The other version is a single-function high-pressure spray nozzle with only V-shaped water output.
The swivel head on the pre-rinse faucet is a highly practical design that allows users to clean the sink more easily. Thanks to its 360-degree rotation, users can effortlessly aim the high-pressure spray nozzle at any corner that needs cleaning. This design makes the faucet more versatile and adaptable, providing users with improved cleaning results.
Bestware's pre-rinse faucets utilize pure stainless steel valves, extending the faucet's lifespan and reducing maintenance costs and replacement frequency for users. The stainless steel valves boast excellent corrosion resistance and antioxidation properties, withstanding the test of daily use and being easy to clean and maintain. As a result, we believe that this high-quality design delivers an exceptional user experience and an extended service life.

Function Design For Commercial Kitchen Faucet

In order to meet the needs of most commercial kitchens for faucets, Bestware has made highly practical functional and structural optimizations to pre-rinse faucets and pot fillers. These improvements effectively increase the rinsing range and cleaning results. To save maintenance costs for users and enhance their comfort during use, we have incorporated a hydraulic device into the high-pressure spray nozzle of the pre-rinse faucet, ensuring effortless operation. Additionally, we use all-stainless steel construction to guarantee the faucet's longevity.
Ball Joint
Temperature Adjusting
Labor-saving Handle
Prevent Corrosion
Powerful Jet Spray
Large Coverage Shower Spary
Mode Switch
Easy Installation Interface
Wall Mount
Deck Mount
Prevent Leaking
Customize to meet your needs
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Commercial Kitchen Faucet FAQs

Yes, we offer bulk discounts for our pre-rinse faucets and pot fillers.
Our minimum order quantity for pre-rinse faucets and pot fillers varies depending on the model.
Yes, we offer customization options for our pre-rinse faucets and pot fillers, including different finishes, handles, and spray patterns.
Yes, we can provide information on the flow rate and water pressure requirements for our pre-rinse faucets and pot fillers. This information is important for ensuring proper performance and avoiding damage to the fixtures and plumbing.
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