If you are purchasing commercial faucets for a park, you need to be aware of certain regulations and general standards to ensure that the products you buy meet the requirements. Here are some relevant guidelines:

Comply with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards: Commercial faucets need to comply with the EPA's regulations and pass WaterSense certification, ensuring that they do not leak excessive water or pollute the environment. WaterSense-certified faucets are also more reliable in terms of lifespan and performance.

Adhere to American ADA accessibility regulations: Parks need to accommodate people with disabilities, so you should choose faucets that comply with American ADA accessibility regulations. According to these regulations, commercial faucets should be no higher than 34 inches (864 mm) to be easily accessible for wheelchair users. Additionally, faucet handles should meet specific requirements, such as requiring no more than 5 pounds (2.3 kg) of operating force.

Choose durable materials: Commercial faucets are subject to frequent use and should be made from sturdy, durable materials. Stainless steel is a popular choice for commercial faucets, as it can withstand high-intensity use, is easy to clean, and offers corrosion resistance and antimicrobial properties.

Meet American NSF standards: Commercial faucets in public spaces should prioritize water safety. Faucets with high lead content can have severe effects on water quality, and those that meet NSF standards provide safer and more sanitary water supply.

Satisfy water-saving standards: Parks should be mindful of water usage, so it's important to choose commercial faucets that meet water-saving standards. Faucets that meet these standards can reduce water waste, lower water bills, and meet environmental requirements.

Consider ease of installation and maintenance: The installation and maintenance of commercial faucets should be as simple and convenient as possible to minimize costs and time spent on repairs. Therefore, the design and installation of commercial faucets should be easy to disassemble and clean, allowing for easy replacement or repair when needed.
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