The Real 100% Stainless Steel Pre-Rinse Unit for Commercial Space

  • stainless steel body
  • stainless steel add-on faucet
  • stainless steel swing nozzle
  • stainless steel riser
  • flexible stainless steel hose
  • stainless steel valve core
  • stainless steel spray valve
  • stainless steel adjustable wall bracket
  • stainless steel spray valve holder
  • stainless steel overhead spring
  • stainless steel handle
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The True Professional Commercial Grade Faucet

Experience the Bestware Commercial Pre-rinse Faucet: More Durable, Stable, Easily and Healthy

More Durable

  • Max Working Temp. 85℃
  • Anti-corrosion
  • SS304 Spray Valve
  • Leakproof

More Stable

  • Water Flow Regulator
  • Waterproof Hammer
  • 0.01mm Precision
  • Neoperl Aerator

More Easily

  • Installation Kit
  • Quick Installation
  • Labor-saving Handle
  • 360 Degree Rotation

More Healthy

  • Lead-free
  • Easy to Clean
  • Food Grade
  • Brugarolas Lubricating Oil

Bestware Provides You ...

Choose Bestware‘s commercial faucets to help your business grow

Explore the Series of Commercial Pre-rinse Faucets

Introducing Bestware's Series of Commercial Pre-rinse Faucets: Unleashing Efficiency and Reliability in Your Kitchen

Classic Series Pre-rinse Faucet

The Classic Series commercial pre-rinse faucet features a stainless steel quick-open valve, adjustable temperature, and a choice of wall-mount or deck-mount body. And you can choose between a 6" or 12" add-on faucet.
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Modern Series Pre-rinse Faucet

The Modern series of commercial pre-rinse faucets feature Sedal's ceramic valve cartridge, a single handle that integrates temperature control and water flow regulation. It offers main body wall or deck mount options, with your choice of a 10" add-on faucet.
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Versatile Spray Valve

Jet/Spray Mode
Our spray valve offers two flushing modes, switch the Jet/Spray Mode by rotating.
Larger Cleaning Area
Our spray valve can provide a larger cleaning range and stronger cleaning power.
Ergonomic Handle
The ergonomic handle saves effort and brings a better use experience.

Pre-rinse Faucet Valve Core

Bestware SS304 Valve Core
Bestware's self-developed stainless steel spool can effectively reduce water leakage caused by wear and tear.
Sedal Valve Core
Sedal's single-handle valve core can control water temperature and flow at the same time.
Bestware SS304 Ball Valve
Bestware's self-developed stainless steel ball valve is reliable and durable.

Flexible Stainless Steel Hose

Ball Universal Joints
The design of ball universal joints makes the spray valve more widely used and easier to install.
360-degree Rotatable Joints
The 360-degree Rotatable Joints are designed to avoid twisting of the hose during flushing, ensuring a long service life.

Flexible Stainless Steel Hose

0.01mm Precision
The processing accuracy of 0.01mm makes the add-on faucet stable without shaking and has good sealing performance.
Neoperl Aerator
Neoperl Aerator - Provides a variety of optional Neoperl Aerators to meet the needs of different customers.

Quality Assurance

NSF/ANSI 61, 372
Our commercial pre rinse faucet and pot filler products meet the following regulations and certifications:

NSF/ANSI: Our products comply with NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372 standards, ensuring that they do not release harmful substances and have low lead content, making them safe for use with drinking water systems.

WRAS: Our products conform to the requirements of the WRAS, which ensures that they meet the standards set by the UK water industry. This certification guarantees that our pre-rinse faucets are safe and suitable for use in contact with potable water.

cUPC: Our products also hold the cUPC certification, which demonstrates compliance with the plumbing codes and standards in North America. This certification ensures that our faucets meet the necessary safety and performance requirements.

With our commitment to excellence, you can trust that our products will meet your needs while providing peace of mind knowing that they meet the highest safety and quality standards.
Full Inspection
  • Processing - Bestware's products have a machining precision of 0.01mm. We use CNC machining to process stainless steel. For waterway components, our sealing precision is ±0.05mm, with a surface roughness of Ra0.8um. For other regular surfaces, the surface roughness is Ra1.6um. The stainless steel faucets produced through precision machining techniques demonstrate excellent performance in terms of durability and user experience.
  • ATEQ Test - At Bestware, we have eliminated the manual testing of stainless steel faucet airtightness, as it can be prone to many issues such as false judgments or missed detections. Instead, we utilize the industry-leading ATEQ F620 tester for high-precision automatic testing, with an accuracy of up to 0.00001 bar. Combining fully automated testing and automatic judgment, our method precisely detects leaks in every chamber of a stainless steel faucet. ATEQ necessitating a pressure of 10 bar for each faucet chamber (cold water chamber, hot water chamber, mixed water chamber, outlet chamber, etc.), with a 10s inflation, 20s hold, and 5s detection. While the industry generally uses air for ATEQ testing, air's moisture and impurities can impact the results. Therefore, Bestware insists on using pure high-pressure nitrogen for precise testing, ensuring the accuracy of our test results.
  • Full Inspection - Bestware not only conducts 100% quality inspection for each final product, but this requirement is also applied to all parts. The inspection items include air tightness test, appearance size inspection, safety performance test, etc.

Pre-sales Service

  • Provide professional customization services, customize finishes, shapes and functions according to your needs
  • Recommend faucet products that match your business and provide samples

After-sales Service

  • Provide documents related to product installation and maintenance
  • Provide ultra-long product warranty service
  • Provide spare wearing parts

Commercial Pre-rinse Faucet FAQs

Yes, we offer bulk discounts on pre-rinse faucets. At the same time, we also have regular discount activities, contact us for more information.
Our minimum order quantity for pre-rinse faucets varies depending on the model.
Yes, we offer customized options for our pre-rinse faucets, including different sizes, add-on faucet and spray valve, etc.
Yes, we can provide information on the flow rate and water pressure requirements for our pre-rinse faucets and pot fillers. This information is important for ensuring proper performance and avoiding damage to the fixtures and plumbing.

Distributor Program

Provide training on faucet use, installation and maintenance
Customize exclusive products according to your needs
Provide information required for marketing
Fast shipping & Low MOQ
Provide channel protection policy
Competitive pricing to help you expand your market and increase your profit margins
Provide comprehensive transportation solutions
Discount for your first bulk order
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