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Commercial Faucet Solutions

From faucet function design to faucet appearance design, we provide you with a full range of commercial faucet solutions.
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Full Design

We can provide fully customized design solutions, including faucet shape design, function design, finish design, etc.

Faucet Function Design

Bestware commercial faucets provides you with unparalleled functional design, whether you use them in hotels, hospitals, offices or other commercial places, Bestware commercial faucets will guarantee excellent convenience and comfort.
  • Intelligent anti-scalding
    Our faucet automatically detects and adjusts water temperature and pressure with its smart anti-scald design, ensuring user safety by preventing burns or damage. During emergencies like power outages or cold water interruptions, it promptly shuts off the water supply.
    Kitchen high pressure stainless spray valve
    When using it in the kitchen, you may need to use a high-pressure stream of water to clean items such as kitchen utensils. Bestware offers high-pressure commercial faucet rinse spray valves, and the unique internal structure design can easily clean kitchen utensils and surfaces, improving your work efficiency.
    When you need to configure refrigeration and filtration functions for your drinking water faucet to provide your users with a better drinking experience, Bestware can help you achieve it.

Faucet Structure Design

When choosing a faucet, appearance and brand are not the only things to consider. It's also important to take into account the internal structure and design, as these factors can impact the longevity and overall user experience of the faucet. As a professional commercial faucet manufacturer, Bestware can provide expert knowledge on faucet structural design and help you choose the commercial faucet that's right for you.
Faucet size design
Styles design
Handle design
Mouting hole design
Installation design
Power supply design
Accessory design
In terms of size, larger faucets generally offer better handling and water flow, but require more space for installation. If you have ample installation space in your commercial kitchen, you may want to consider larger models like our commercial pre-rinse series, which are made of 100% stainless steel, provide high flow and high pressure water, and are easy to clean. Alternatively, if you have limited installation space, smaller models like our commercial sensor faucets offer excellent water flow control and are better suited for environments like commercial toilets and bathrooms. We can also customize faucet sizes to meet your specific needs.
Bestware offers a variety of styles and shapes, from high neck and classic to modern faucets and beyond, so you can choose based on personal preference and usage scenario. Our faucets are stylishly designed with high-end materials and craftsmanship, providing an exceptional user experience and long-lasting service life. We can even customize the shape of your faucet to meet unique shape or style requirements.
Faucet handles come in either single or double handles, and different styles can affect convenience and comfort of use. Bestware provides a variety of handle styles for fine temperature and flow control, with ergonomic design for comfortable grip. We can also customize handle styles based on your habits and usage needs.
For commercial bathroom sensor faucets, Bestware offers single-hole installation, which puts the faucet and control valve in one unit and is ideal for modern restrooms and bathrooms. Our commercial kitchen faucet series includes both single hole and double hole installation, and we offer a variety of different installation methods based on your needs.
The base design of commercial faucets can be either wall-mounted or table-mounted. Wall-mounted faucets are convenient and take up less space, while table bases offer better stability and easier installation. We'll choose the appropriate base design based on your actual needs and usage scenarios. Bestware uses pure stainless steel for bases, providing stable support and excellent appearance.
Commercial sensor faucets can be powered by either built-in battery or external power supply. Built-in battery makes the faucet more convenient and safe, while external power supply provides stronger power support. Regardless of your power supply preference, Bestware's designers will fully consider your needs to ensure stable performance and energy efficiency.
Bestware also offers precise water flow control through different design means, such as adjusting faucet outlet size and shape or adjusting internal structure, to meet the needs of different users. We pay attention to the selection of high-quality components, like ceramic and stainless steel spools and bodies, to ensure durability and reliability. Our brand also values environmental protection and health, using lead-free and low-lead pure stainless steel materials to ensure water quality and health. We provide a variety of faucet accessories, like nozzles, showers, filters, check valves, and thermostatic valves, to meet different needs and preferences.

Faucet Finishes Design

At Bestware, you can choose a variety of colors and crafts for customization, providing high-quality faucet products for your home, hotel, public places, etc. We believe our design and craftsmanship will add beauty and quality to your venue.
Electrostatic Spraying
Brushing: Stainless steel brushing is a commonly used surface treatment technique that creates fine linear patterns on the surface of stainless steel through mechanical polishing. This creates a delicate and charming appearance while also improving the durability of the stainless steel surface. This surface treatment technique is often used in the production of decorative items such as faucets and door handles.
Electrostatic Spraying: Electrostatic spraying refers to the coating method that utilizes the principle of corona discharge to negatively charge atomized paint under the action of a high-voltage direct current electric field and attracts it to the positively charged substrate surface for discharge. Faucets treated with electrostatic spraying possess excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-pollution capabilities.
Electroplating: The surface of Bestware faucets treated with electroplating technology forms a thin layer of metal film, enhancing their appearance, corrosion resistance, and other properties. Electroplating is a technique that uses electrolysis to deposit metal ions onto an object's surface. Typically, the object to be plated is placed as the cathode (negative electrode) in an electrolytic bath, with a metal salt solution serving as the electrolyte. Then, by applying an external current, the metal ions are reduced to metallic form and deposited onto the object's surface.
Matte Black
Polish Chrome
Black and Gold

Design Application

Bestware faucets have been used in many commercial fields, including shopping malls, restaurants, airports, schools, laboratories and so on.
Hotel bathroom
Commercial sink
Public space
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Step 3
Make a sample of the faucet according to the model you confirmed, and test the sample so that all properties meet your requirements.
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