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Faucet Maintenance Tips

For commercial stainless steel faucets, here are some maintenance suggestions to keep your product in top condition.

1. Regular cleaning: Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the faucet surface, avoiding abrasive materials or hard objects to prevent scratching the surface. For stainless steel faucets with minor scratches, you can use a kitchen cleaning cloth to repeatedly wipe the stainless steel surface.
2. Prevent limescale: During cleaning, use a small amount of neutral detergent or vinegar solution to remove limescale and deposits, while avoiding cleaning agents containing chlorides or amino acids.
3. Inspect the valve core: Regularly check whether the valve core and other components are working properly, and replace them promptly if any faults are found.
4. Keep dry: After use, please wipe the faucet surface dry and keep it dry, which can effectively prevent limescale and corrosion.
5. Regularly check the battery: For sensor faucets with batteries, it is recommended to regularly check whether the battery level is sufficient to ensure the proper functioning of the sensor.
6. Clean the sensor: Regularly clean the sensor's surface to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Through regular maintenance and care, you can extend the service life of your commercial faucet and maintain its performance and appearance.

Customer Support

For any questions related to faucet installation, usage, maintenance, or replacement, you can effectively obtain useful information through the following methods:
1.Browse our SUPPORT and FAQS pages.
2.Contact our team.

Parts Information

If you need to find information about faucet accessories or replacement parts, our Parts page provides quick access to the information you need.

Warranty Coverage

1. We promise to provide high-quality commercial faucets. If you receive a faucet with material or performance defects, please contact us promptly. We accept returns for problematic faucets.
2. Faucet damage caused by unnatural causes or improper use is not covered under warranty.
3. For faucets used under normal conditions, if any issues affecting usage arise, we will provide reasonable protection.
Product Description Warranty Period
Faucet Bodies 10 years
Wall Bracket & Riser 5 years
Washer/Mesh/Gasket 2 years
Spray Valve/Hose (to pre rinse) 1 years
Cartridge Stainless Steel 3 years
Solenoid 1 year
Ceramic 1 year
Sensor Parts 1 years
Case of Solenoid or Battery 1 years
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